Haiyan: Spreading the Focus

Map of the Philippines with Leyte highlighted
Map of the Philippines with Leyte highlighted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you hear about an entire city being flattened in a few minutes by Mother Nature, it’s easy to concentrate your grief and attention on that one place. Of course, Typhoon Haiyan has wreaked havoc in far more than one place. There are towns on Leyte, Cebu and Samar islands that people can’t even get to yet.

Since leaving the Philippines, Haiyan has gone on to Vietnam and China, weakened, but still terrifying. Because these two countries are more closed to Western media, we don’t know as much about what’s happening there. We know some 600,000 Vietnamese were evacuated before Haiyan hit. This report from the Voice of Vietnam state radio indicates that 13 people were killed by Haiyan. The BBC reports that Vietnam’s capital Hanoi worries about flooding in the next couple days.

So, do pay attention to what’s happening. Stay informed. Help if you can. I have traditionally supported Oxfam America, but many options exist.

Typhoon Haiyan
Typhoon Haiyan (Photo credit: Fragile Oasis)

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