BarCampMilwaukee 3 is Coming! T-Shirt Designers Needed!

BarCampMilwaukee3 is coming to a Bucketworks near you (if you happen to live reasonably near Lake Michigan). The annual technology un-conference will be happening October 4-5 in downtown Milwaukee.

And whether you can be here or not (and you really do want to be here), you can still participate. Contribute a design for the t-shirt the hundreds of attendees will wear!

You can find the details for the contest here: BarCampMilwaukee3 T-Shirt Contest | BarCampMilwaukee.. The key detail is that entries are due September 12 at midnight (Central Time). The prize is admittedly not substantial: 2 t-shirts shipped directly, plus of course the undying gratitude of BarCampers everywhere.

Don’t design logos? You can still participate: Voting and commenting takes place next weekend! Watch for the submissions.

And do come if you can. It’s a great time at a great facility with fun and knowledgeable people. Register (for free!) at the site.


More Social Networking: Past, Present, Future

John December and Phil Gerbyshak (the “Make It Great Guy”) are leading this one.

The Past

Some people in the room have been active on the Net since the 1980s (like me). Talking about the Prodigy network, Usenet, BBS systems.

Debate over whether email or IRC is older/more important. Firm, unchangeable positions.

The Present

Jeremey: Facebook obviates the need for school reunions, because your friends never go away.

Justin prefers MySpace to Facebook for its “Wild West” atmosphere; he says you can’t tell anything about a person from a Facebook page. They also claim rights to everything you do.

To select a “time capsule” tool, after much discussion about social networking websites, what comes up as the definition of The Present is: wikis. Curious.

The Future

Justin sees email will need authenticated identity. Discussion of who owns your identity online. Is it some corporation, or will openID solve that problem?

Someone suggests a peer-to-peer model (BitTorrent, GoogleDocs) for the future.

“Social graph” concept from founder of LiveJournal. Turning social networks into email.

Placez: location-based connections

Spider: integrates messaging via multiple social networks.

Cory Doctorow and the reputation economy: back to tribalism?

Justin again: open source = Our Stonehenge? What will last. Wikipedia will last. is a writing site with a social component.

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Idea Capture with Analog Tools

Mike Rohde got tired of technology failures and wondering if he has enough electricity available.

He uses Moleskine notebooks, sketchbooks, Iquelrius grid notebooks to capture notes, ideas and such.

(These are notes: I might go pretty this up later. Bear with me. Granted, using a blog to tell about using analog tools to keep track of one’s life is a little bit wrong.)

Cheap and easy to use is the key.

Whil uses paper for a to-do list, but designs it on a computer and prints it out weekly.

Mike: Spend more time tweaking apps than actually accomplishing things.

Should find a way to combine digital and analog capture methods.

Tip: When you travel, take pictures of everything you eat! Generates memories.

Moleskines: The book is so nice, you want to take care with your writing quality, so the printing gets better!

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Still decompressing…

It’s now been 2+ days since BarCampMilwaukee, and I still haven’t found the amount of time I’ll need to tell you the stories! For now, let’s just say it was an experience like no other (for me, at least). Watch this space for copious details — likely Wednesday!

Meanwhile, feel free to check out the Flickr slideshow. There are a few shots of me in my black Linux Journal t-shirt (on the front, it says “Geek by Nature”). More stuff at the BarCampMilwaukee site as well.

Space Blog!

As I fight trouble with the latest Firefox update in KDE, posts will be on the brief side (though I hope the interruption won’t be long). There’s much to discuss here, but I’ve become addicted to the Performancing interface, with the easy Technorati and tagging.

Meanwhile, you may find it interesting that Anousheh Ansari, the first female space tourist, is blogging. This should be a fun read for the next few days.