Big Linux Day: openSUSE 13.1 and Ubuntu Dev Summit

Tux, the Linux penguin
Tux, the Linux penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy to report that I’m typing this little missive from my freshly updated Firefox web browser on openSUSE Linux 13.1. While I do that, the YaST Software Management module is busily adding an array of new software from community repositories located all over the globe. As I’ve noted 1000 times before (most recently in this post), YaST stands for Yet another Setup Tool, and remains the most wonderful thing about openSUSE.

Release News

Here are the inevitable set of links:

And here’s your download link

Meanwhile, Ubuntu Developers Meet Virtually

While most of the excitement may have surrounded the new openSUSE release, Ubuntu developers gathered around their computers for the November Ubuntu Developers Summit (UDS). I missed most of Mark Shuttleworth’s opening keynote, but hope to catch up with it later. It appears that he took some probing questions from attendees (when I came in to the feed, Shuttleworth was “denying the premise behind your question;” but I don’t know what the question was.) You can see the video (link above) at the UDS site.

I also lurked at the Documentation team round-table, where some planning got done. I will likely have more to report on this in the coming days. The Summit goes through Thursday.

Got questions about openSUSE, or Ubuntu Touch? Always happy to answer them here. Have you attended a developers conference (or hear Shuttleworth ranting)? Feel free to share your experiences!


Another Sunday Grab Bag

It’s been a slightly weird weekend, and I don’t have anything specific to talk about. So here are some random thoughts and descriptions.

Storifying the openSUSE Summit

The openSUSE Project logo
The openSUSE Project logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was fun! I curated every Twitter post and G+ reference to “openSUSE” all weekend, and made a story of it here. Sadly, I wasn’t exactly overwhelmed with tweets to choose from. Perhaps the wi-fi wasn’t that good. I hope next year, they can stream it!

Indirectly, the summit also put me into Twitter a lot more this weekend than in the recent past. Upside: There’s always so much to assimilate, and fun to have.

Monday is the release date for openSUSE 13.1. Watch for the announcement here, and then go get it.

New shoes and jeans

My wife took me shopping yesterday. I think she had more fun. My work shoes have pretty much worn out, so I got a new pair, plus a belt and four pairs of jeans (buy one, get one half-off) at Kohl’s. It had to be done, but it took too long.

Making Real Progress on the book

It’s still not quite ready, because I keep adding things that readers need to know, but my to-do list tells me I’m around 90% done with Chapter 9. Perhaps I’ll finish the app developer chapter in time for the Ubuntu Developers Summit this week!

April in November: Weather in the Midwest

Yes it rained pretty much all weekend here in Milwaukee. Thankfully, we avoided the worst of it (kind thoughts to folks in Illinois and elsewhere with tornadoes and such), but I missed getting to walk outside!

Quite a team that Omidyar and Greenwald are assembling

Jay Rosen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The cast of media reformers that are banding together to create a new media gained another Big Name today: Jay Rosen of New York University and the PressThink blog. I haven’t read this thing through yet, but everything I hear builds my excitement for this project.

Maybe there was something else to talk about, but seems right to quit here. Hope you all had a nice, restful and/or productive weekend.

Big Week for openSUSE in North America


Your humble scribe is slightly exhausted as the week comes to a close, but I note these items with great joy:

openSUSE: Porting YaST to Ruby

Warning to my new NaBloPoMo readers: This is one of my geeky, technical posts. It’s about the Linux operating system. It’s been sitting in the queue for a little while.

openSUSE 13.1 Release is ComingA few weeks ago, openSUSE Community Manager Jos Poortvliet talked with members of the SUSE YaST development team on porting YaST to Ruby. I’ve long said that the best thing about openSUSE as a distribution is the one-stop configuration tool called YaST. My feelings about this are even stronger since I’ve spent more time with Ubuntu.

Before reading this interview, I was mystified why other Linux distros didn’t adapt YaST’s open-source code to create “Yet another Setup Tool” for their own systems. Now I know: You almost had to be a SUSE employee to learn YaST’s custom programming language!

That changes with openSUSE 13.1. YaST is now written in the popular Ruby scripting language. Apparently, once the team decided to make the switch, it was easier (though time-consuming) to port than they originally projected.

Mini-Review: My Testing

The best thing to report after playing with the new YaST in the release candidates is that existing users aren’t likely to notice much difference. The KDE interface doesn’t look any different, and performance is pretty much the same, at least in the VirtualBox I’ve got the RC running in. I look forward to running it on its own partition soon.

Learning About and Getting openSUSE 13.1

openSUSE 13.1 is due for release on November 19. If you can help test, go get Release Candidate 2 at If you want to learn more about the release, visit the Portal or check out the News site.

I’ve also been curating openSUSE desktop news at