Getting a Little More Social

Taking up some housekeeping details around here. Finally adding some blogroll material to the sidebar over there. Feel free to visit some other folks I read and learn from. This is likely to expand in the coming days and weeks, but I won’t subject you to everything.

The About page hiding in the cityscape above will have some actual content quite shortly now. In the meantime, just know that I’m a writer by trade, and openSUSE Linux Unleashed will be out in October.

For some inexplicable reason, I’ve also signed up at two different social networks this week.

  • is a hangout mostly for public radio types.
  • The Celtic Lounge was set up by Black 47 lead singer Larry Kirwan and music writer Mike Farragher as a hangout for Irish/Celtic musicians and their fans. Black 47 is one of my favorite bands for a lot of reasons, and I’ve got the Celtic moniker to count as an Irish writer, so it may be fun over there.

You’ll find me in both places as “workingwriter.” Stop by if you have the inclination.

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Space Blog!

As I fight trouble with the latest Firefox update in KDE, posts will be on the brief side (though I hope the interruption won’t be long). There’s much to discuss here, but I’ve become addicted to the Performancing interface, with the easy Technorati and tagging.

Meanwhile, you may find it interesting that Anousheh Ansari, the first female space tourist, is blogging. This should be a fun read for the next few days.