Notepad++: A Very Special Software Update

I opened my Notepad++ text editor and got a most interesting surprise. It told me there was an update available, and did I want it? That’s not unusual; but what happened next certainly was.

The software quickly updated, and (again as usual) asked me if I wanted to run it. When it opened, the following text magically typed itself into a fresh file:

Notepad++ Je Suis Charlie ediiton
Notepad++ Je Suis Charlie edition

Pretty darn cool. I salute the Notepad++ team, and all who have taken a stand for free speech, free press and free expression.

Apparently the Notepad++ developers paid a small price for this tiny bit of courage. Read the linked article and the Related Articles below.

3 thoughts on “Notepad++: A Very Special Software Update

    1. Hey, it happens. I suppose you could see something like this happen and think it’s spam or malware, but I’ve had a completely good experience with the software in the past.

      Technically, you can reinstall this version, and experience the auto-typing (without the surprise) in all its glory!

  1. It freaked me out to be honest. I was so paranoid that a jumpscare was going to pop up. Good to know that it wasn’t something bad!

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