Great day, less than fabulous ending

Busy day today. Was it last week I was asking about the ello network? Thursday my new best friend invited me. This morning I did some exploring. It’s interesting, but I have a lot to learn.

At noon, my wife and I went out to the famous local burger joint, Solly’s, for a double cheeseburger and fries. The legend of Solly’s is they add about a half pound of butter on the bun. It is tasty, and oh so healthy.

After lunch we went home for a wildly successful and entertaining football game, with Wisconsin spotting Nebraska 17 points before the Cornhuskers stopped playing defense! Melvin Gordon ran for a record 408 yards in a single game. Great fun. But that’s when it started snowing here. Not a fun conclusion, but I shall wait till morning to clean the sidewalk.

Tomorrow we hope the Packers play as well as the state u did.

Enough for now… Sorry for the brevity.


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