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WordPress tells me that this is the 200th post to Notes from the Metaverse since I moved to this platform. This tells you a few things:

  • Computers are good at counting
  • Computers are also good at tracking events over time (especially if there’s a database marking each collection of words)
  • I am persistent at maintaining this outlet of free expression
  • I have not been especially prolific over the last 106 months or so, but I’m better than a lot of folks who start blogging
Radio UserLand
Radio UserLand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe you’ll be intrigued (but not overly impressed) by my first post, “Hello, World (again)  from January 4, 2006. Of slightly more interest will be the second post, “What is this?” with a description of what my intentions were, and a (still working) link to my original blogspace at Radio Userland (many thanks, Dave Winer, for keeping the space alive!).

Dave Winer
Dave Winer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since I’ve written books about openSUSE Linux, you’ll not be surprised to learn that my most popular topics (by far) over the earlier 199 posts sit in the Linux and openSUSE categories. You’ll continue to see more of those in the future, even if I’ve gotten away from them recently.

If you’re just joining us at Post 200, thank you very much for dropping by. If you’re a longtime reader, I’m more grateful than you’ll know. You may gather at this point that McCallister is running out of gas, and it’s only November 5. You’d be right, but it’s been a busy week. Things will get better.


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