A Surprise Ending to NaBloPoMo: Domain Fun

And so we come to the end of National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo). Now I was planning to try to sum things up, but that will have to wait one more day, as a friend and I need some help from the blogosphere.

Law School Textbooks
Law School Textbooks (Photo credit: Jesse Michael Nix)

This story begins last spring, when a good friend got accepted to law school. Among other ambitious ideas, Boone ran an online support and critique group for Milwaukee area writers. I built a WordPress site for this project, but now that he was leaving Milwaukee temporarily to hit the books, the workshop would have to run itself for a while.

The writers were notified of the situation, and Boone went off to law school. Apparently, we all forgot about the website. Last night, Boone had some downtime, and was thinking about updating the WordPress site, and making plans for its eventual revival. Except he couldn’t log in to WordPress, nor would WordPress reset his password. Boone (who is not a technical person) emailed me about this dilemma. I went to the site–and I couldn’t log in to WordPress either. The interesting thing is that the site itself (at least the home page) displayed normally.

Boone and snow!
This is a random dog named Boone in the snow! (Photo credit: otakuchick)

Both of us could get into the hosting account, but when I tried to look into the site’s database admin tool, I got a Server Not Found message. Couldn’t access the database online. After Boone had a chat with his host’s tech support, and just before I started researching their proposed solution, Boone wrote to tell me the domain had expired on July 1, and apparently had been scooped up by someone in the interim. That would explain much.

A WhoIs search for the owner told us the domain had been registered with GoDaddy in August, and the Nameserver was at domaincontrol.com in Arizona. Incidentally, GoDaddy was not the original host for this site. We later learned that domaincontrol.com is a GoDaddy subsidiary, but I’m no longer sure that’s relevant. You see, I’ve never fought with hosting companies, or had a domain I controlled expire, so this is new to me.

Good news is that Boone got a new domain for his site, and we still have the old database backed up. So I think we’ll be ready to go when it’s time to relaunch.

Less happily, Boone is concerned that the new owner/squatter is still using his (and his writing collaborators) content, presumably until whatever replacement content arrives. Boone would like to see that content disappear (and as long as we’re wishing, get a redirect to the new site).

To those of you out there with more experience in these situations, how does one find and contact the new domain holder? We’re assuming that large sums of cash would be required to reclaim the domain, but where do you send the cease-and-desist with regard to the content? Any other tips and ideas?

Thanks to all for any help you can offer!

Tomorrow, some more lessons learned during NaBloPoMo. A bunch of folks have done this already. Listed below are some of them.


2 thoughts on “A Surprise Ending to NaBloPoMo: Domain Fun

  1. I am the least technical person I know! That’s why I’m still a wordpress.com blogger, instead of a self-hosted blogger! Since Boone has some legal expertise or, one would hope, more access to same than I do, might I suggest he research/ask a legal expert with whom he is familiar regarding a cease and desist order?

    As far as I know, hosting sites (such as, GoDaddy) sell only available domain names. One would think that buying the name would not entitle them to the contents contained within. In terms of a “redirect” from the old site to the new? Good luck with that!

    Since it seems that you folks didn’t get very far with your first venture, why not just start from scratch —- new site, new domain — in the long run it will probably prove far less frustrating and costly than engaging in anything requiring legal expertise that you and your partners have no access to.

    That’s my two cents! Good luck and thanks for mentioning my blog!

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