Truly the Day of the Doctor

LEGO Doctor Who (Collection)
LEGO Doctor Who (Collection) (Photo credit: ChocolateFrogs)

As a writer, I’m not crazy about two consecutive blog posts on the same topic, but on a day where the temperature didn’t get much above 20 degrees F (with chill factors never climbing out of single digits on either side of zero), there’s not much to write about!

After posting “Almost the Day of The Doctor” late last night, I watched more of the Season 7 marathon through 3AM. Got up six hours later, and watched another 2.5 hours of Season 7, though I spent a good chunk of that time futilely with today’s Google Doodle featuring, of course, oh… eleven animated Doctors. Ventured out with my wife for a lovely grilled pastrami-and-swiss sandwich with homemade potato chips at a newly opened deli in our neighborhood.

Came home to get ready for the anniversary show, warmed up the social media engine (do y’all know GetGlue?), watched this season’s finale, The Name of The Doctor, followed by the online Pre-pre-show. I was also going to join a Google Hangout, but my wife insisted I step away from the laptop. Honestly, that was probably the right choice. The film itself was spectacular.

No spoilers here

If you aren’t familiar with Doctor Who at all, you don’t want to start with this episode. There just isn’t enough exposition for the new fan to get this story. Instead, watch the shows I referenced in the last post, Doctor Who Explained and An Adventure in Space and Time.

The Three Doctors (Doctor Who)
The Three Doctors (Doctor Who) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For fans who haven’t seen the show, or are waiting for the 3D theater presentation, I won’t go deeply into the plot. What I can comfortably say is that the story focuses on The Doctor’s role in ending the Time War. You’ll see John Hurt, David Tennant, and Matt Smith as different incarnations of The Doctor, a big cameo from another old-school Doctor, two recent companions, and UNIT. There is a monster species (who have not appeared in the modern version to my recollection), and several appearances by Elizabeth I (no, not the current queen). It was amazing!

OK, one clue: the plot revolves around a painting with two titles: No More and Gallifrey Falls.

Based on this blockbuster, the Christmas special, when Matt Smith gives way to Peter Capaldi, and next season should be spectacular! I can’t wait!