Two highlights of Mark Shuttleworth’s UDS Keynote

Mark Shuttleworth speaking to the virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit, Nov. 19, 2013
Mark Shuttleworth

Watched (video link; Shuttleworth starts at 22:00) Mark Shuttleworth’s Tuesday keynote at the virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit. It was an average talk, focused on the plans for Ubuntu 14.04, Trusty Tahr, the next long term support (LTS) release. The interesting part came when he took questions from the IRC attendees.

Briefly defensive

In my Tuesday post, I mentioned how his hackles were raised by one questioner. The question was on Canonical‘s commitment to pushing more code it develops into the Debian distribution it uses as its code base.

Shuttleworth said Canonical “employs more Debian developers than any other company has ever done,” and that new Canonical coders are strongly encouraged to become Debian developers too. “We have a very strong commitment to move code upstream.”

He noted that the Debian community is debating what to use for an init system, While they have the right to choose anything they like, he said choosing Ubuntu’s new Upstart system would make it a lot easier for Ubuntu to integrate its code with the upstream branch.

More on Ubuntu Touch

A focus for 14.04 development will be making Touch more stable and reliable on the tablet. Devs are asked to expand into the tablet form factor with this release. Canonical will not build its own tablet, based on the Edge project or any other design. Testing will continue to focus on the Google Nexus devices, and other ports will be available.

The most intriguing part, for me at least, is Shuttleworth’s teaser on a critical question for the success of the Touch project:

An interesting set of household names — brands – have been looking at Ubuntu Touch. … You’ll be able to buy (Touch) pre-installed.

I hope he’s right about that, and can announce something more concrete soon.


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