Diversion: Prince Fielder to Texas??

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My day has been completely out of the ordinary, so this post will be too. I spent the day with co-workers planning strategy for the next six months or so. After a lovely dinner with the team, I learned about the Major League Baseball trade of the year (so far): Detroit’s Prince Fielder to the Texas Rangers for Ian Kinsler.

Baseball is my first love, as far as sports go. It’s a very long story, but while I’ve never played the game very well, I’ve been a baseball fan since toddlerhood. Prince Fielder came up to the majors with my team, the Milwaukee Brewers, and played well while he was here. I wear with pride two fake-jersey t-shirts with his name on them — one an All-Star shirt from his last year here, and the other with the Brewers colors. Rooted for the Tigers these last two years in the postseason, but Prince and his team disappointed us.

I wish him well down in Arlington, TX, but I’m still more than a little surprised.

We’ll be back to more typical topics tomorrow….


3 thoughts on “Diversion: Prince Fielder to Texas??

  1. How do you think Prince will hold up during those hot Texas summers, after playing his whole career in Milwaukee and Detroit? On paper it looks like a good trade for both teams, but I wonder if we won’t see a very tired Prince when the dog days of August roll around.

    1. Hi Larry!

      It gets awfully hot and sticky in Milwaukee, and Prince has done well. True, we’ve got a roof on Miller Park, but they have to leave it open on the hottest days, otherwise everyone would broil!

      I’d be pretty surprised if he doesn’t DH a lot in Texas (he’s not exactly a stellar Fielder at first base–sorry, couldn’t resist). That might help him too.

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