Tonight’s Distraction: Jimi Hendrix

Here’s my story for this evening. I was planning to get a relatively early start on the blog post. Planning a quick check of email first (yeah, I know). Oh, a friend pointed me to a great deal on a book on Facebook (ooh, another time sink!). I bought a book, then spent a little while perusing the news feed. OK, time to get to work.


And then Workrave kicked in. If you spend a great deal of time at a keyboard staring at nearby screens, you should know about Workrave. This software forces you to take your hands off the keyboard a few times an hour; at the end of an hour of continuous typing, Workrave tells you to take a 10 minute break, and becomes annoying if you start typing too soon. Sure, it’s configurable, and you can tell it to buzz off if you’re on deadline, but it will save your fingers from repetitive stress injury (aka “carpal tunnel syndrome”). Did I mention it’s free, open source software? (See, I can stay on topic!)


So I was going to take a 10-minute break while I thought about something to write about. I went back to the living room, where I made my last mistake of the evening. She was watching PBS; American Masters. Tonight’s show featured the life of Jimi Hendrix, called Hear My Train A’Comin. As I walked into the room, Paul McCartney was talking about the first time Jimi played in London…and I was done for the night! This is a film well worth seeing, when it hits your TV screen. Especially if you have any interest in that (counter)cultural period. You’ll hear from Jimi’s friends, collaborators, other musicians, and hear an awful lot of Jimi’s guitar.


Jimi Hendrix NEW
Jimi Hendrix NEW (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s bedtime now. Much work to do tomorrow. Your discussion points: How do you keep your typing fingers nimble and uninjured? Have you seen or read any great musical biographies lately? Do you still miss Jimi Hendrix? I’m still not over Lou Reed.