NaBloPoMo Adjustments

National Blog Posting Month Web Badge
National Blog Posting Month Web Badge (Photo credit: ajsundby)


Hey folks, aside from the massive increase in frequency (which I’ve never been especially good at), you’re going to see a variety of different posts in the month of November.


I’ve temporarily adjusted the tagline below the title of Notes from the Metaverse to “Writing about open source software…except in November.” What that means, at least in part, is that for the next 26 days, posts may stray from tech, may (or may not) have more opinions, may occasionally just be silly, and may also center on why blogging is good for writers, journalists – and for building authority as a writer.

I suspect you’ll learn a little more about me–and with some good fortune, I’ll learn some more about me too. I am participating in National Blog Post Month to experiment with the form, and I know that some (maybe most?) experiments fail.


But I’m temporizing again. Still don’t have a plan, and typing in between Green Bay Packer drives. I know you all want more links in posts. Goodness knows, so do I. There are so many smarter people than me. You may even get more graphics in posts.


As noted up until now, feel free to comment on all this stuff.


Meanwhile, Tuesday is the last day to register for National Blog Post Month, and the associated fabulous prizes. As you can tell from my output so far, the most important thing is to write posts. You don’t need a plan, experience; and despite the fact that NaBloPoMo is administered by BlogHer, you certainly don’t have to be a “her.” You do need a desire to write, to communicate. If you need a place to post, is the best place.  Go do it!


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