What I’m Working On

I’m really going to try posting earlier tomorrow, and have a better topic plan in place for this National Blog Post Month. Spontaneity is not one of my stronger suits, which might explain why they’ve been so boring.


Ubuntu_Touch_Nexus_I9250_ 15
Ubuntu_Touch_Nexus_I9250_ 15 (Photo credit: vernieman)


So let me tell you some of the things that have kept my mind and fingers occupied in the last month or so. Some of these items may get further discussion as November rolls on:


  • I’m still writing chapters of Ubuntu Touch: Using the Ubuntu OS on your Smartphone or Tablet. It’s slow going, but it’s been fun!
  • I’ve been working with Carole Jelen and our friends at BenBella Books to get the word out for our book on author platform. We’ve got a new cover coming out soon. Watch here and/or MichaelMcCallister.com for that news.
  • I’ve made it easier to follow this blog on WordPress.com. Push that blue button over on the right there.
  • Speaking of author platform, please Like my new Facebook fan page.
  • I have curated articles on Ubuntu Touch, Author Platform, and the openSUSE Linux Desktop at Scoop.IT. That’s been fun too!
  • When I’m not doing the above, or creating documents at PKWARE, or watching football, I’m also redesigning MichaelMcCallister.com.


Apologies if this sounds like it’s all about self-promotion. I’m really not about that, most of the time. I do want to help you out with your tech issues, and trying to clear some space to do more of that, especially for my writer friends and soon-to-be friends.


Let me know what you’re up to, and if any of the above sounds interesting. I can tell you more….Tomorrow even!