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While I don’t do theology on this blog (or much of anywhere), and I definitely would replace the coffee with Diet Mountain Dew Code Red… I’d be pretty comfortable in any of these scenarios. Don’t want to brag (OK, maybe I do), but I have actually heard some of those words from devs!

Happy New Year to all!

Tech Writer News

Originally posted on The Humane Experience blog; reprinted here with permission. By Michael Hughes.

Mike Hughes

A techwriter dies and goes to heaven and she finds herself at the pearly gates before St. Peter. He looks over her record and decides she is worthy to enter heaven.

“We’ve upgraded our services recently,” he tells her, “so that you now have access to a more personalized heaven experience. Since you are a technical writer, I’ll show you several versions of heaven behind some of those doors over there that have been expressly designed to enhance the technical communicator’s heaven experience.”

“Wow,” the techwriter replies with excitement.

“The only problem,” St. Peter tells her, “is I just got a text message from the boss and I have to handle it. I’ll be back in a few minutes and then I’ll give you a tour of your heavenly options.”

With that, St. Peter steps away…

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