More good news on the Kubuntu front

As has been reported at numerous outlets, the project currently known as Kubuntu has a new sponsor, a German company called Blue Systems.

It was just a couple months ago that Canonical announced it was withdrawing direct support to Kubuntu, and reassigning Jonathan Riddell to other projects.

kubuntu (Photo credit: arellis49)

Not much is known about Blue Systems, though what is known is expressed well on the Kubuntu page on Google+:

Did you know. #kubuntu is back with a new family. A brother +Netrunner, and a sister +Linux Mint KDE. “But who’s your daddy?” !

The good news is that Blue Systems has been sponsoring a variety of KDE projects and distributions in the last few months. They’ve pledged to keep Jonathan Riddell on its payroll working on Kubuntu (or whatever it may be called in the future), and is offering marketing support too. But it’s hard to know from this distance how much money they actually have to back those pledges up. A WhoIs search on the site pointed to a German reseller,, as the owner. That’s pretty much all outsiders know.

In some ways, the news is not that different from when Attachmate surfaced last year as the company to buy the SUSE brands from Novell. People rightly questioned what the company had planned for the distribution. So far, it appears that Attachmate has largely left the community alone to make its own plans. Plus openSUSE enthusiasts in the Americas now have their own conference to attend this fall. So I think we can say that up to now, that deal has worked out pretty well.

As I said before, best wishes to Riddell and the Kubuntu community. I’m confident this is good news for my favorite desktop environment, and Linux overall.

If you know anything more about Blue Systems and their work with the community, please let me know. Whatever you think about Kubuntu, KDE and its future, feel free to comment too!