New Milwaukee WordPress Meetup

Goodness how time flies–nearly as fast as deadlines whipping by! I know things have been a bit quiet here in the Metaverse, but things should be returning to the semi-normal weekly post pace because there’s so much in the Linux/WordPress/Open Source world to talk about. But most importantly, my chapters of the next edition of WordPress in Depth are in the hands of our brilliant editing team. Very soon, I should be able to tell you when that should be hitting store shelves (virtual or not).

But that’s not what I’m here to tell you about. I am so excited that The Milwaukee WordPress Meetup is about to hold its first meeting next week! Next Monday, March 28 at 7PM, join fellow Milwaukee-area WordPressers at Packy’s Pub near General (Billy) Mitchell International Airport to talk about all the great new things in WordPress v3.1 (just one of the things that happened while we were in radio silence).

Tragically (for me anyway), I’m not expecting to be there. A last-minute scheduling problem with the venue moved the Meetup from Tuesday to Monday, bringing on an even-later scheduling conflict with me. You can bet I’ll be at the next one, though.

Get all the details, and sign up to attend Monday at the Meetup site.


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