Truly “Adventures with Geeko”

Had a great time with the Madison Linux User Group Saturday. About a dozen folks skipped the second half of the Badger game (and a really nice fall day), and joined us at ITT Technical Institute for my Introduction to openSUSE presentation.

As most folks there use Ubuntu, I focused on the things that make openSUSE stand out, which was mainly YaST (the installer and system administration tool). I also spent a great deal of time showing off KDE SC 4.5—actually more time than I wanted to, as I managed to hang up my system!

A backup laptop appeared (thanks, Doug!) to permit a brief demo of the openSUSE Build Service. That part was certainly not as polished as the one Joos describes here, but was helpful, I think. I finished with a short summary of the community strategy discussion.

The group was amazingly patient through all the software issues and projection miscues that seemed to plague me from the get-go. Questions were good and the general comments were smart and useful. As noted, a great time!

Here are the slides (even the ones I didn’t show!):

Thanks to Doug Whitfield, who invited me; Brad Stone, who kept me informed and otherwise took care of me; the openSUSE Marketing team for the slide templates; and those who participated.

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