It’s BarCampMKE Time Again!

With August upon us, can the first weekend in October be far behind? This week marked the launching of the new, Drupal-based BarCamp Milwaukee 5 site and the traditional self-organization of the untraditional tech unconference has commenced. My goodness, in four days there are already almost 30 proposed sessions (of course, by the time you click that link there are likely to be even more!).

BarCampMilwaukee is truly my favorite weekend of the year, and it’s a little hard to believe I’ve been to all of them. I could reminisce endlessly about stuff I’ve learned and fun I’ve had, but I’ll hold off on that (for now, at least). Since my man Gabe has already given the reasons you (or your company) should sponsor BCMKE, today I want to give you a few reasons why you should plan to come.

  • You want to learn something. Take a look at those sessions again. If you’ve got curiosity about any of them, the people who are presenting are passionate about their subject(s), and probably know as much as anyone on the planet about that. If you’re curious about some topic that isn’t on the list yet, put it on the list (sooner, rather than later). Chances are somebody else either knows enough to put a session together, or perhaps a bunch of people with a similar curiosity can help you research the topic so you can all learn together!
  • You want to share something you’ve learned. I’ve been working with open source software for so long, it’s almost second nature to want to help others learn what I know. BarCamp is one of those places where you can do that without having to know everything about your topic. You can comfortably stand on the shoulders of giants here.
  • You want to improve your social skills. Whether it be that fear of public speaking (see above), or that gnawing feeling that you have been collecting Facebook friends that you’ve barely met. Conversations start pretty easily at BarCamp.
  • You want to hang out with the cool, smart kids. Whether your social skills are polished or not, BarCamp is a place to meet all sorts of interesting people in a very non-intimidating space.
  • You want to meet some of your favorite bloggers. Not just me, though I’ll be there too.

There’s lots more reasons (did I mention it’s FREE!), but all I have time to write about now. Go and register now, and I’ll see you October 2-3 at Bucketworks!


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