openSUSE Strategy Discussion Takes Shape

A few weeks ago, I noted that the openSUSE Community Project was working on a new strategy. The purpose of the discussion is essentially to answer the question “Why openSUSE?”

I have to admit that, while I have a knee-jerk positive response to any democratic process that ends in a vote on something important, I wasn’t completely certain what the point of this exercise was. Today I’ve got a clue:

A strategy statement should answer the following questions:

  • Who are we?
  • What are the goals?
  • In which time frame?
  • By doing what?
  • Who is our target?

–openSUSE Strategy Process document

In the newly created openSUSE Wiki space, you can get a solid grasp of where this discussion started, how it has progressed, and what the next steps are: Portal:Strategy – openSUSE. If you’re interested in participating, be sure to visit these pages (in addition to the proposal links below):

Today marks the beginning of 16 days of focused discussion on the four main strategy documents developed by the openSUSE board (yeah, I’m late to the announcement on the community statement):

These discussions are taking place in the openSUSE Forums and the openSUSE-Project mailing list. They end on August 10, 2010 and the board will revise the proposals based on the discussion to date.

I may have some ideas to share here about the proposals, but I’m going to make my opinions known in the project first. You should too. If you want to say something about the process, though, feel free to comment here too.

By the way, regular readers may be noticing an uptick in frequency for “Notes from the Metaverse.” I’m trying to develop some consistency in posting (that is, at least one post per week) without diluting the quality of the posts. That said, it is summer in the northern hemisphere, and your humble scribe is heading out for a week with family and friends in Boulder, CO. Please forgive me if the posting takes a break too, unless something blogworthy happens, of course.

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