Notes on the Evolution of Notes

When I started Notes from the Metaverse some eons ago on a platform that no longer exists, it was a standard personal blog. I wrote about things that interested me, whether on the web (most posts had at least one link to peruse) or in life. Since most of my interests at the time had to do with writing and Linux (and quite often writing about Linux), those were the things I wrote about. So when I moved my blogging HQ to, my tagline seemed fairly obvious. The blog would be about “Working, Writing and Open Source.” And so it was.

Over time, though, the focus here would be more and more on free and open source software (FOSS), and much less on all the other parts of me. Nothing wrong with that. While I’ve always written here with an audience in mind, the size of that audience was never a central concern. I like to think I’m all about helping people with their computers, and outlining the advantages of open source without being too much of a zealot about it.

Anyway, as a writer, my focus has evolved over the years, and the new book is a part of that evolution. While I’m not one of those folks who believe that desktop computing is going away entirely in the next few years, I’ve always been interested in the tools the Internet provides us with that help build community and expand free speech. WordPress as an endlessly malleable open source tool is a stellar example of these great tools.

This is all to say that Notes from the Metaverse is going to change just the tiniest bit in 2010. First, let’s note that there will be more posts. Really! The goal is to post weekly at a minimum. There may even be more when I go to conferences and such.

Second, posts will remain (perhaps even more) focused on FOSS generally. There will be more stuff about the web and community than there has been, but this will not become just another blog about WordPress. I read a lot of these, and the world probably doesn’t need one from me.

Third, there will continue to be posts about Linux desktop software, as most of my personal computing continues to happen on openSUSE and Kubuntu. Many of these posts will be about KDE 4.x, which I’m coming to believe gets a bad rap from too many folks. Don’t be surprised if I expand on that theme soon.

Fourth, while the size of the audience is still not a primary concern (Confession: Writing the SEO sections of the WordPress book was one of the hardest parts of the book, because I had trouble putting myself into that mindset), I pay enough attention to my visitor stats to  have noticed that y’all really like the how-to posts done here. To be honest, I like reading them too. So there will be more of that too, on both the Linux and WordPress sides.

Finally, with the imminent relaunching of (OK, some might think it was never really launched the first time), this site will get a little bit of a facelift/theme shift. The tagline will be adjusted. Categories will be pruned, and tags used much more effectively. I’m also going to post more on the writing life at the abovementioned site. More to come on that very soon.

Change is never easy. Let me know what you think about these ideas; nothing’s set in stone yet. Heck, it’s a blog–nothing’s ever set in stone.