Where does the time go?

Has it really been seven months since the last Note from the Metaverse? If there’s anyone left out there, thank you! Let me (briefly!) tell you what’s been up. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you what is coming up. Yes, there are changes afoot, but there most definitely is a future!

  • Most relevant in the way of offering excuses for my absence is that I have left the world of independent consulting, and gone back to full time work as a technical communicator at PKWARE, Inc.
  • Besides that, and this is the lamest excuse for not blogging I’ve ever heard, I’ve been working on WordPress in Depth since last summer. I’ve been working on this project for QUE with Bud Smith, a great (and far more experienced) writer, and the force behind Google Voice Daily. This one is currently at the printer, and should be in a bookstore near you very soon. I’m very proud of this title, and hope it will help more of you get involved in blogging with WordPress, and make those of you already blogging make better use of WordPress. More about this in the days to come.
  • I continue being active in the Wisconsin chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, BarCampMilwaukee (had another great, if abbreviated, time last October), and Web414. Milwaukee now has a PHP User Group too!

All I have time for now. More coming…