Upcoming Midwest Gatherings for Writers, Technical and Otherwise

I’ve been busy working on a summary of my WritersUA Conference experience, but while I’m doing that, the first week in June is shaping up to be a great time for writers in the Midwest (and elsewhere) to get together and talk in the next few months.

  • June 2-5: The DocTrain DITA Conference is in Indianapolis. For the rest of April, they have a pretty amazing special going, acknowledging the difficulty in getting people to come to conferences in a deep recession. if you call them at 978-649-8555 to register, you can get the two-day conference registration (on the 3rd and 4th), hands-on software and DITA skills workshops on the 2nd and 5th, all meals, AND three nights at the conference hotel for $999. The only other money you’d have to come up with is transportation. While that still works out to $250 a day, that’s still within many companies reach, and will be an important investment for folks looking at the Darwin Information Typing Architecture. That should be just about everyone involved in online user assistance.
  • June 6-7: WordCampChicago is likely to be a great time to learn more about WordPress, the platform that this and many other blogs run on. Lisa Sabin-Wilson of WordPress for Dummies fame is involved. Matt Mullenweg will give a “State of the Word” address on Saturday, and many other great things will undoubtedly happen. Of course, it’s all free of charge. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to be there, because I will be at…
  • June 6: WriteCampMilwaukee, a first-of-its-kind (that I know of anyway) unconference for writers of all genres. OnMilwaukee.com covered it in a short piece today. I’m going to do a session on getting into technical writing, and maybe introduce folks to the National Writers Union too. So if you write for a living, or write just to live, come share with us.

Finally, if you work on documentation for open source projects, you should think about hitting one more June conference: Writing Open Source in Owen Sound, Ontario on June 12-14. This is an intriguing idea, and while I may not have the resources to go, hope springs eternal.

All in all, some great opportunities.


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