Speaking Gig: Open Source Technical Communication Tools

Update: This is what I get for titling a post before writing it! In the event that you came here looking for great open source tools for technical communication, this really isn’t the right one. I will do that post tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Goodness it’s been awhile! Apologies to my readers for the delay. Much has been happening in the Metaverse of late, and I’ll be trying to catch up for a short period.

One of those things that’s been happening is that your humble scribe will be speaking at the WritersUA Conference in Seattle, WA next spring. This annual three-day conference for people who produce Software User Assistance is one of the places I learned my craft as a technical communicator, and I’m honored to share some of the things I’ve picked up since I last attended. The session is Wednesday, April 1. I’ll be discussing open source tools for technical communication, and Paul Mueller will talk about online tools for the independent writer. You can see the full conference schedule here.

There will be more to say as we get closer, but now’s the time to think about attending (and asking your boss if you can go). Ping me if you have questions.


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