New Orleans under fire again

Three years after Hurricane Katrina exposed so many ugly realities about life in the United States — chiefly our failing infrastructure and the government’s casual hatred of the poor and African-American — Louisiana is again bracing for another catastrophic storm.

I try not to delve into politics here at Notes from the Metaverse, but I know that technology and technical people played an important role in relief efforts in 2005. We can do this again in 2008. Andy Carvin from NPR has set up the Gustav Information Center (see the badge to the right there) to help coordinate things.

One of the first resources available is the Gustav wiki, designed to manage “static information” like agencies accepting donations, places for the displaced and survivors to find immediate help and the like.

With great hope that New Orleans and its people survive, I hope that as a worldwide community, we do our best.


2 thoughts on “New Orleans under fire again

  1. That Gustav wiki link is great, I just Twittered about it.

    Thanks for your kind wishes to all of us in the Gulf Coast. I’m in Baton Rouge, LA, where hurricane force winds are being forecast here for the first time in recent history.

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