Writer River: A Social Media News Site for Technical Communicators

Tom Johnson just can’t sit still, I guess. Tom is a technical communicator who hosts a blog and a podcast, is active in his Society for Technical Communication chapter, and Twitters pretty heavily as well.

Last week, we were both at the STC annual conference. I’m not sure whether he had as good a time as I did, but his review resonated with my experience at least to some degree. But he indicated that he was getting tired of the whole interview-based podcast thing, and wanted to do something different.

Being much more decisive than your humble correspondent, two days ago Tom launched Writer River: A Social Media News Site for Technical Communicators. It’s a Digg clone; using Pligg as its engine. You can learn more about how the site was built here. If you like a story you read here, Float it up the river till it hits the front page. If you don’t, you can Sink it too.

If you think technical writing is all about grammar arguments and Word vs. FrameMaker duels, you may be surprised by the site (even if an interview with Grammar Girl did make the front page on Day One). There’s a lot of material touching on Web 2.0 stuff, the business case for Twitter and assorted other tech topics. Fundamentally, what’s there will depend on its readers, of course. So if you find something interesting and relevant, submit it, or cast your vote.

Thanks, Tom. I think this is going to be a great service to our community.

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