A pair of opportunities to help openSUSE

Sorry for the light posting of late. Will have much to report soon. Meanwhile, I want to call everyone’s attention to special chances to participate in the openSUSE community.

First, whether you’re new to (or even just curious about) openSUSE or have been “having a lot of fun” for a decade, you can join in YaST Smash Friday. This is an effort to clean up the SUSE bug database related to the openSUSE system administration tool, YaST.

As Zonker Brockmeier says:

Join us on #openSUSE-Factory from 09:00 to 18:00 CEST. We’ll be
going through the Bugzilla and reviewing YaST bugs to see which bugs
are still valid, gathering information about existing bugs, and
generally paring down the bug count to help developers focus on the
most crucial problems.

Anyone can participate — you don’t have to be a developer or power user to join in, just point your browser at the openSUSE Bugzilla,
log in (be sure to create an account if you don’t have one already) and
start searching for bugs against YaST. Help verify bugs that are in
Bugzilla, and help close bugs that have already been fixed.

If you have a lot of time to help, you can install an old version of openSUSE and confirm the existence of bugs in the old version. If not, see if you can reproduce them in your current version. Even if you can’t do it today, it’s always bug smashing season.

Now if you have a little more experience with openSUSE, a call went out this week for more helpers on the #openSUSE IRC channel. This is one place where people can go for real-time help with openSUSE problems. Although I’m still getting used to IRC, I’m trying to monitor the channel a little more in Konversation (which conveniently starts the channel by default).

So let’s all try to help each other, and openSUSE generally!