Linux Journal Founder Picks Drupal

A lot of you have been visiting here looking for information on the Drupal web content management system. This is exciting, and I hope to deliver more Drupal-oriented content here in the coming months.

Longtime Linux users should recognize the name Phil Hughes. He founded Linux Journal in 1994 and shepherded the magazine through many lean years, on the road to making it the most important Linux magazine there is. He’s now living in Nicaragua, and building a Geek Ranch. After a fling with webgen, Hughes opted for Drupal for the Geek Ranch website. He explains his reasoning, and offers his (rather simple) process for building the site in this article:

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Key quote:

After a few days of playing, I am sure I have made the right decision. I found a theme I liked and tweaked it a bit. I added a few more modules and, in general, set up the basic structure of the site. One thing that makes Drupal suitable for something other than a traditional CMS is the ability to set the start page. In addition, the books are a plus as well.

I hope to be sharing a similar story soon. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Linux Journal Founder Picks Drupal

  1. Umm. When I worked for SSC, we were running Drupal – so that was before 2005.

    Phil has been using Drupal since as far back as I can remember. He even uses it to run

    If he had switched to another CMS, that probably would have been noteworthy.

  2. I appreciate the info.

    There are a couple of reasons I highlighted this post. (1) He was looking at another solution, and changed his mind; (2) The post had a nice description of how to install Drupal on a Linux system. You’d be surprised at the amount of traffic this two-year old link gets. I hope at least as many folks now look at this one until I get my own “war story” finished.

    Thanks for dropping by! Mike

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