Deal in Writers Strike: Woohoo!

The Writers Guild has achieved a settlement with TV and movie producers! Details (including a link to a PDF summary of the agreement) here:

United Hollywood: Letter From The Presidents With Deal Summary

Be sure to read the comments too. It will give you a sense of the WGA membership’s mood. The strike does not end unless the rank-and-file writers say it’s over.

It’s been a long, hard fight for justice for these folks. If the members of the WGA feel this is the best contract they can get (as their leaders believe), I’ll cheer their return to work. If they choose to continue battling for a still better deal, I’ll mourn the passing of the TV season, but continue to stand behind them. As they say, it’s about “Solidarity Forever.”

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2 thoughts on “Deal in Writers Strike: Woohoo!

  1. Kennon, hardly ever bad advice, but are you suggesting that entertainment or performing arts are inherently bad? It’s not the TV as a medium that’s the problem, it’s who controls what’s offered on that medium. Trust me–it’s not the writers who have control.

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