What is the Content Construction Kit?

(Update:  This is the fourth in a series of live posts from DrupalCampWisconsin, with a little cleanup and added links. This was a very meaty HOWTO presentation, making it hard for my fingers to keep up. My apologies if you find this confusing.) 

Karen Stevenson (KarenS) presents.

Content Type in Drupal out-of-box = Title and Body
CCK: All kinds of stuff.

Download the core package first. Worry about the other 107 CCK modules later.

<Typist’s Note: She’s moving really fast, so this only gives you a taste of how to do these subsequent steps! MM>

Creating a Wish List: No code created. CCK creates the custom form, stores the data and creates its own tables.

Add another field: Label, Help Text. Different fields depending on type.

Display Field tab shows how your type will appear on the page. Layout for Label, Teaser, Full Node is editable in this tab.

Let’s make a Select List instead of a text form.

If you change the Widget type, you have to re-save/re-edit the field. This may change in Drupal 6.

Add a phone number to any existing content type: Go to Add Field in the type you want to, select the phone number from the drop-down menu.

CCK works best with Views, so be sure to pull that too.

Add CCK Type to another site. Use Content Copy piece to Export type. Copy the resulting code into the other site.

Someday all of CCK will migrate into core Drupal. Each new Drupal version gets some more.

Even if you’re a developer, this will make your life simpler.

Site made entirely with CCK and Views: everbloom.us/.

Event, Results, Fisherman, Team: Different content types. Pages are just Views of the same data.

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