Ubercart: An e-Commerce module

(Update:  This is the seventh in a series of live posts from DrupalCampWisconsin, with a little cleanup and added links.) 

David Needham, a Bradley University student presents.

Ubercart works with PayPal to drive purchases.

Single package includes a core set of fields, with -extra, -fulfillment and -payment options.

Pet store example

Product Catalog: Dogs, other
Create options (Leather and Gold collars)
Create a Dog: Dalmatian. Include image, define a SKU, list price, cost, height, weight, etc.
Add Options to Product page.

Can create roles for a store, like a “member” who registers for discounts. Tried to find the setting that notifies the expiring member to renew; not in Notifications, but it’s here somewhere.

Set access control by taxonomy for “members only.”

Add Shopping Cart block to page.

Shows his PayPal Test Accounts.

Store Management in Ubercart activates the page, pointing to the PayPal Sandbox (test account).
PayPal Test Store page is customizable.

“Hey, I’m a member!”

Visit davidneedham.net/drupalcampwi to see the store.

Google Checkout: Not supported yet.

Pete Prodoehl notes the Ubercart docs are excellent.

You can create bundled ‘product kits’ for multiple items. Should work for tickets too.

Ubercart handles inventory management.

Both David and Pete couldn’t get core e-commerce module to work, and went to Ubercart instead. Others found OSCart much more hassle. ZenCart “just about impossible to train” (James Carlson).

You can also visit livetest.ubercart.org to try it out.

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3 thoughts on “Ubercart: An e-Commerce module

  1. Saw this post come up in Google Alerts… curious if anyone can point out where the session was presented. Glad to see folks are taking advantage of Ubercart!

  2. Ryan,

    Sorry for the confusion. These are live notes from DrupalCampWisconsin, held 1/19 in Milwaukee, WI. I’ll be cleaning up the live notes today.

    Congrats on being part of such a fine application, judging from the comments at the session.

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