Podcasting with Drupal

(Update:  This is the sixth in a series of live posts from DrupalCampWisconsin, with a little cleanup and added links.) 

Gabe Wollenburg presents.

We’re content creators, not “podcasters.” We write for audiences, not media.

Gabe’s way

Free hosting for Photos, Audio, Video, Live Streaming, Documents
These services are outside the walled garden of your site. Tags and other metadata bring people to your site.
Server problems are Somebody Else’s Problem.

Problems: Outside your control. Backup is hard. Availability is Somebody Else’s Problem. Take care of copyright issues (YouTube takes all rights, Blip.tv doesn’t).

Drupal makes all this easy.
Drupal makes RSS for breakfast.

Audio module: creates individual audio nodes.
Need Views and some other parts.



Audio module sends your podcast to the iTunes directory, with appropriate tags.

Remote Enclosure module. Limited use.

Blake suggests CCK Embedded Media for exploration. We look at that, and it sure seems like the right thing.

Let’s create some content!

Gabe posts Jonathan Coulton’s Code Monkey to writelarge.com. Cover art shows up funny, but you can presumably tweak that.

Still a lot of room for improvement, but I’ll probably learn more too.

You can find another fine podcast at Web414.

Again, the question of how to find “the right module” comes up. This may be what Dries’ company may help with. As noted in the opening session, this is an ongoing discussion and need. How to do this right?

Blake: Check out Lullabot’s “50 Tips and Tricks” podcast.

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  1. Hi,

    Can you explain in steps to implement audio podcasting in drupal and what are the settings or different modules required for that?

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