In case you haven’t heard…

openSUSE Linux Unleashed should now be at a bookstore near you. It is available at all the Borders and Barnes & Noble stores in my hometown (Milwaukee, WI), and should be at just about any independent bookshop with a decent selection of computer books. With the holidays over, and perhaps with some of your friends tearing their hair out over Windows Vista, the book is a perfect antidote.

Here’s a news release I sent to my local media for additional info:

West Allis author helps people break the Windows habit

If you’ve bought a new computer equipped with one of the six versions of Windows Vista and are underwhelmed, or you want to have the latest technology, but just can’t afford the upgraded hardware Vista requires—you just might need a new operating system. You want openSUSE Linux—and openSUSE Linux Unleashed.

West Allis author Michael McCallister helps both the Linux newbie and the more experienced geek in his latest book, openSUSE Linux Unleashed (Sams Publishing, “If people have heard of Linux at all, too often they think it’s just too hard to use,” McCallister says. “I try to show how easy it is generally, and help people over the rough spots too.”

The book walks the reader through installing openSUSE v10.3 (included on the accompanying DVD), setting up and using the Internet, and getting productive in the first three sections. By the time the reader is finished, he/she can administer the system, keep it updated, develop interactive websites, and sample a few programming environments too. Among other things, readers will also learn to:

  • Read song lyrics and get artist information inside their music player

  • Participate in Web 2.0 by reading and creating blogs and wikis

  • Create astounding web graphics with The GIMP and Inkscape

  • Secure your applications from attack with AppArmor

“Linux is a powerful operating system, but there’s nothing an ordinary person can do with their existing computer that can’t be done on Linux. openSUSE Linux Unleashed was writtten to help folks use that power to the fullest extent,” McCallister said.

McCallister, a 1989 UW-Milwaukee graduate, has been using SUSE Linux since the turn of the century. His first book on the subject, SUSE Linux 10 Unleashed, was published in 2005. He’s written for the old Milwaukee Sentinel, Milwaukee Magazine, the Shepherd Express and Isthmus in Madison. He blogs about technology at Notes from the Metaverse.

openSUSE Linux Unleashed (744 pages, $49.99) is available at area Barnes & Noble and Borders stores, and is available online at sites including Amazon,, and Review copies are available from Sams. McCallister is available for media interviews, workshops, book signings and other speaking engagements. He is represented for technical books by Carole McClendon of The Waterside Agency.

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