1000 pieces of paper a month?

Gartner report from August (“How to Manage the Environmental Impact of
Printing”) says the “typical” office worker prints about 1000 pages per
month. If printing on one side only, they say it works out to 40 pounds
of paper per month!

At four 5-day weeks per month (give or take a couple days), this
would be 50 pages every working day. Really? Tragically, there are no
footnotes in this paper, so you can’t tell if this page count is a
misprint, or if you can trust the 40 pounds of paper number.

Does this seem out of whack to you? Well, maybe not. A Google search
today found quite a few sites that offer that statistic. The closest
thing I found to a reference is a 1997 report from the Lawrence
Berkeley Lab
where they said that the typical office worker used 5 sheets per hour
of work. No footnote here, either.

I don’t know if I’m as skeptical of the original number, but a
decade can be a long time. I’d guess that I print (and copy) less than
I did 10 years ago. Some of the clients I work with run duplex printing
operations now.

Does anyone know if this factoid is still true (or ever was, for
that matter)? It would be nice to think we’ve made progress
(recognizing that our government is the brick wall to progress on
greenhouse gases

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