More Social Networking: Past, Present, Future

John December and Phil Gerbyshak (the “Make It Great Guy”) are leading this one.

The Past

Some people in the room have been active on the Net since the 1980s (like me). Talking about the Prodigy network, Usenet, BBS systems.

Debate over whether email or IRC is older/more important. Firm, unchangeable positions.

The Present

Jeremey: Facebook obviates the need for school reunions, because your friends never go away.

Justin prefers MySpace to Facebook for its “Wild West” atmosphere; he says you can’t tell anything about a person from a Facebook page. They also claim rights to everything you do.

To select a “time capsule” tool, after much discussion about social networking websites, what comes up as the definition of The Present is: wikis. Curious.

The Future

Justin sees email will need authenticated identity. Discussion of who owns your identity online. Is it some corporation, or will openID solve that problem?

Someone suggests a peer-to-peer model (BitTorrent, GoogleDocs) for the future.

“Social graph” concept from founder of LiveJournal. Turning social networks into email.

Placez: location-based connections

Spider: integrates messaging via multiple social networks.

Cory Doctorow and the reputation economy: back to tribalism?

Justin again: open source = Our Stonehenge? What will last. Wikipedia will last. is a writing site with a social component.

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