Milwaukee Linux User Group

The Milwaukee Linux User Group is meeting here at BarCamp. Whil Hentzen is showing how to manage disk space in KDE.

KDiskFree and QuikDisk are basic guides to how much space remains

In Konqueror, use File Size View to find disk hogs in a graphical way. This runs FSView. You can perform any standard operation (copy, delete, move, etc.) from this view.

BTW, Whil has a gorgeous wallpaper of flying penguins in a thunderstorm. 😎

You can also use KDirStat to find space hogs as well.

GNOME fans have the Graphical Disk Map (gdmap). Can scan an entire network in a few minutes. Roll through the boxes, and the path appears in the status bar on the bottom.

XDiskUsage has a nice view too. FSV makes a 3D block diagram that also lets you drill down in a tree mode. Whil says: “Really cool, but how useful?”

Notes will appear at in the near future.

Derrick now talks about running Linux to run BarCamp. He apologizes for his Windoze laptop. ZoneCD provides the wireless login I’m using here, and there are 3 thin clients running PXE  on Fedora Core 6 providing net access (and a Twitter feed) to those who are PC-deprived.

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