Idea Capture with Analog Tools

Mike Rohde got tired of technology failures and wondering if he has enough electricity available.

He uses Moleskine notebooks, sketchbooks, Iquelrius grid notebooks to capture notes, ideas and such.

(These are notes: I might go pretty this up later. Bear with me. Granted, using a blog to tell about using analog tools to keep track of one’s life is a little bit wrong.)

Cheap and easy to use is the key.

Whil uses paper for a to-do list, but designs it on a computer and prints it out weekly.

Mike: Spend more time tweaking apps than actually accomplishing things.

Should find a way to combine digital and analog capture methods.

Tip: When you travel, take pictures of everything you eat! Generates memories.

Moleskines: The book is so nice, you want to take care with your writing quality, so the printing gets better!

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