Better Late Than Never

Well, it’s been not quite 15 years after I got my first email address, and perhaps a dozen years since I started writing about the Internet. Yup, I’m an old fart. But I still do new things, even if they’re really old. About an hour ago, I registered my first domain name. In the not-too-distant future, you will be able to find my little corner of the Web at

The site isn’t entirely planned out yet, but I expect to have material related to my books and articles (of course), openSUSE Linux more generally, and still more “working, writing, and open source” stuff. I’m hoping to use Drupal as the backdrop, and see what sorts of things can be done with it. I’ll write the site with Quanta Plus, and you can be sure it will be standards-compliant. It will not be graphics-heavy; I’m not a “designer,” I do content.The construction of the site will undoubtedly be a major topic around here for awhile.

What prompted this sudden commitment? My friends at Web414, specifically John December, are creating a business card for the organization. The design has the  club logo on the front, and a list of URLs that our members have designed. At last night’s meeting, John went around the room asking people if they wanted to participate. He got around to me, and I mumbled lamely that I didn’t have a URL of my own. I’ve been planning a personal site for years, but sometimes you just need something to push you over the edge. This was it! So now all those plans can start to bear fruit. Making this announcement further pushes that plan towards reality. So please get on my case if you don’t see anything at after a reasonable interval. Minimum goal is to have something semi-worthwhile up in time for BarCampMilwaukee2, coming October 13-14.
More about that later.

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