Friday’s one big day

Can you tell the end of June is coming up very soon? The traditional end of many companies’ fiscal year is bringing three highly anticipated (and feared by some) technology products to a waiting public. The thing is, only one product is for sale. Consider these releases, in alphabetical order as it happens:

To be honest, my excitement level about these products descend in that order too, and really pale before my anticipation of the 40th Milwaukee Summerfest
(warning: needs Flash). But this is a technology blog, so we’ll leave that obsession aside (at least for a few days).

Why is this? Well, with Eclipse you can actually do something useful, and I’m all about useful stuff, especially when it’s open source software. Even better when we’re talking about doing useful stuff on the web–and Web Tools Project 2.0 is on Europa’s agenda. So this makes us happy.

I have to admit I haven’t read any of the drafts of GPLv3. I realize some of its provisions are deeply controversial, especially if you get anywhere near Linus Torvalds. But regardless of its short-term adoption rate (heck, even the
long-term adoption rate) it is good to have this discussion. It means the free and open source software movement is indeed alive, well, and moving forward. That makes us happy too.

As to the Apple product, it strikes me as a very expensive toy. By all accounts, it’s very cool, and I’ll bet the touch screen is really fun — but I’m thinking that’s all it is — fun. So for now, I’m sticking to my ancient (~5 year old)
cell phone with the prepaid minutes. It’s my one old-fart tech tool. I’m happy with that, too. 😉