Tuesday’s Internet Radio Silence

As you may know, Savenetradio.org is organizing a Day of Silence
tomorrow to protest the possible permanent silence coming when federal license fees for radio streams skyrocket on July 15. Although last.fm (newly purchased by CBS) won’t be participating, just about every other net-based radio station will go dark, except for PSAs asking people to phone their Congress-creatures.

I’m especially thrilled that Radio Milwaukee, the newest and freshest addition to Milwaukee’s terrestrial radio scene, will also turn off their stream Tuesday. I’ve been meaning to write about them for awhile, but will tell you all about them when you have a chance to listen for yourself (although if you’re in SE Wisconsin, give a listen at 88.9FM for what a radio station with no musical boundaries can sound like).

If your local radio scene is dominated by corporate playlists, and you don’t want to be forced into buying into a satellite network, you need to support this action.

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