Another View of openSUSE Alpha 5

Tuxmachines published an interesting, if more technical, review of Alpha 5 earlier in the week. The reviewer had more trouble with instlux, the “install from Windows” package than I did, but this may have been due to upgrading from the previous alpha. 

Dating back to when I was testing and documenting Windows apps, I always start fresh with each alpha/beta release (and sometimes even with “final releases”). There are just too many possible interactions that could go haywire. Plus, there’s a reason this is still Alpha code! It’s not final yet. A fix that solves one problem can then cause another, and it becomes too hard to trace the source of a bug if vestiges of the old code remain. Software developers are not gods, and too many have asked me “did you start clean, or update” when trying to track a bug for me to think otherwise.

And so, more testing this afternoon.

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