SUSE-Windows Dual-booting to get easier???

Reuters is reporting that Micro$oft and Novell have made a collaboration deal of some sort.

Novell and Microsoft will work together to develop technologies to allow users to run both Windows and Suse Linux, a version of the operating system sold by Novell, the (Wall Street) Journal said, citing people familiar with the companies.

Nothing on the Novell site yet, but it’s only 1:00 PM on the West Coast. Now I see Ballmer’s “Industry Announcement” will be at 2PM Pacific Time (4:00 here in the Heartland). The webcast is here, and the audio replay (1 hour later) is here (passcode: 1626850). Question: Would they bring Ballmer in to make just the above announcement? Or is there something bigger (badder?) afoot?

Off-the-top reaction: All I really care about is being able to write to an NTFS (and/or whatever filesystem Vista uses) volume; if Windows could somehow access a SUSE (ext3) partition on the same machine, that would be amazing (no more double-ripping CDs!!). Beyond that, I guess we’ll see.


7 thoughts on “SUSE-Windows Dual-booting to get easier???

  1. Is there some reason you deleted my comment? I wasn’t rude or off-topic. All I did was link to the ext2 driver for windows and mention the new linux driver for NTFS, ntfs-3g.

  2. AK,

    Sorry for the delay in getting your comment posted. Apparently, WordPress automatically “moderates” comments with two or more URLs on consecutive lines. They say it’s a common attribute of comment spam.

    Thanks for the pointers, AK and Stuart. Right now, fs-driver is of no help to me, as I’m using ReiserFS. But since openSUSE (10.2) is switching back to ext3 as default, I’ll try it out. I will also check on the NTFS driver and see if it helps. –MM

  3. You are correct, there is nothing that can help with ReiserFS. But then thats not what you wished windows could do in your blog 😉

    That said, I hear Windows are dumping the interface that allows these drivers to work, so come Vista this could become a problem once again. I wont be getting Vista until MS forces me to upgrade because of thier whole Direct X 10 strategy.

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