Pair of New Pre-Releases

A pair of downloads for the adventurous:

  • openSUSE Alpha 5 did get out yesterday (a day late, but that’s not a big deal), but assorted problems forced only two images to be released: the single DVD and Internet mini-ISO. I knew I should have gotten that DVD burner! Download Links for Alpha 5 are on the wiki. Beta 1 is due October 26.
  • Mozilla put out Release Candidate 2 of Firefox 2.0, available here. I truly hope it’s in better shape than RC1. I’ve only tested it in WinXP (on my work machine), but had three nasty annoyances: The Download window, when it appeared at all, was empty! While most of my extensions worked, I was genuinely startled to learn that the one that didn’t was the tagger! Almost painful to lose that one, lemme tell ya. A co-worker tossed his RC1 out when his favorite themes died (OK, maybe that was hasty, but to each their own). I did like that practically all the features of Tab Mix Plus in Firefox 1 have been incorporated into the main product, and the feed-subscribe tools are great, too (clicking the RSS icon in the address bar puts up a dialog asking you if you want to subscribe via Bloglines, My Yahoo, Google, or a plain Live Bookmark). So, fingers crossed on this one. No immediate projection on a final release, but RC2 was actually a few days early.

More BarCamp stuff to come. Gotta go do my SUSE install now.

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2 thoughts on “Pair of New Pre-Releases

  1. Please ask your friend to chill! There is a Fx extension called “Nightly Tester Tools” install that. Here’s what it’ll do: When you put in an extension that is not yet been bumped say Diggler the install box will have a check box on it.
    It’ll read Install Using Nightly tester tools to overide incompatiblity. Check that
    box,click install, then you’ll get a box that says something about the extension is installed restart Fx. After you restart Fx, Diggler in this case will be installed.

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