Inching Toward (shudder) Celebrity

Fair Warning to my ever-increasing (if still quite tiny) fan base: I just finished taping my first tech-related radio interview. I chatted over the phone with Bill Resnick of “The Old Mole Variety Hour” on KBOO in Portland, Oregon about net neutrality and the open-source movement.

It was fun, and I eventually stopped stammering (“It was not slick,” Bill said, “but we don’t do slick at KBOO.”). We talked for 20 minutes about the corporate “TV” model of the Internet vs. the idea of the net as communications/organizing vehicle, and secondarily about Linux and open-source being another manifestation of the urge for freedom and democracy.

Airdate is not certain, but most likely sometime in August. I hope to get a heads-up, which I will pass on here. The show airs every Monday at 9 AM Pacific Time. KBOO streams live content, but does not have archived shows available. Now I read an article in one of the magazines some months back on how to save streamed audio, here’s hoping I can find that in time. I’ll be at the day job whenever it runs <sigh>.