Big Weekend Planned

Oh, what a geek I can be. It’s summer in Milwaukee, there’s a big Polish festival to warm up the lakefront park for Summerfest and a Summer Soulstice festival on the hip-n-trendy east side. So what have I got planned? I’m installing operating systems!

Despite all the hue and cry about the failures and weaknesses of the Zen-Updater system in SUSE 10.1, I’m feeling like I’m ready to put it on my production system now. I also promised a friend who loaned me his machine as an emergency test system last September that I would put SUSE on that system when I was done. I’m thinking it’s about time I do that.

Oh, and just to add some spice to the mix, I’m also going to try installing SUSE 10.2 Alpha 1 on my real test machine. But first, I have to download that. And what better way to test the new BitTorrent client in Opera 9.0? So that’s what I’m doing, right now, as I type. The torrent appears like any other Opera download, in a separate transfer window, except it has an upload speed along with a download speed. The Alpha install may have to wait, though. Right now, with just a few other folks connected, Opera tells me it might be a couple days before this puppy is all the way here.

This is not to say I’ll just be staring at my monitor all weekend. In between swapping CDs, I’ll catch some 2nd round World Cup action. And I get to see has-been rock star Rick Wakeman (from Yes), who’s in town Saturday to perform with local prog-rock guitar legend Daryl Stuermer. While I’m going mostly to humor The Love of My Life, I’ll probably manage to have some fun too.

Wish me luck on getting all this done. Full report upon completion.