My Return from the Dead

Greetings all!

I know it’s been an Iron Age since I’ve posted, but I think I’m back regularly for awhile now. In the last few weeks, I’ve completed a few necessary tasks, and seem to have more energy now. These include:

  • Completing my first year in my consulting-firm job with good-to-rave reviews.
  • Closing down the Radio Userland version of Notes from the Metaverse (and greetings to all the old readers who followed me here!)
  • Spending a marvelous week in Boulder, Colorado catching up with friends, family, old co-workers (and bonding a little with the grandkids!)
  • Surviving the week after the vacation with a nasty unidentified affliction that basically had me asleep for the better part of 4 days with intermittent swallowing of various liquids and pharmaceuticals and the odd recurring nightmare. This all managed to depart Saturday morning, and has pretty much left me with just a hacking cough today that I fear will not depart all summer…but that’s just me.
  • Thankfully, the affliction departed in time to celebrate one of my oldest friend’s kids becoming the valedictorian at his high school yesterday. The boy goes on to UW-Madison (as a sophomore with all his AP credits!) in the fall to continue his fight for peace and justice as well.

So with all of that behind me, I can start reporting here refreshed and renewed. Looking forward to a busy summer, too!