A Quick Shot on Media Consolidation

It’s been a big week for ever more consolidation among the mass media giants. I haven’t had the time to fully organize my thoughts about the Disney-Pixar merger, nor the UPN-WB fusion (much less properly grieve The West Wing), but while I do that, you can perhaps ponder these quick hits:

1) No matter what you read or hear about how powerful Steve Jobs is going to be in all this Disney business, remember this basic rule of acquisitions (especially in the tech industry): It is never good to be the acquired company. The acquiring company always says “We want to learn from this hip, successful, non-stodgy company so we can loosen up ourselves.” It never happens.

2) With the combining of UPN and the WB networks, does this mean there’s a glimmer of hope that there might be non-cable broadcasts of the Milwaukee Brewers in the City of Festivals in the near-to-mid-term future?

Sorry for the link-free content. Probably more tomorrow.

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