Steven Vaughn-Nichols Tries Drupal on OpenSUSE

Installing Drupal on Linux: an epic adventure is the second part of Steven Vaughn-Nichols’ (of ZDNet fame) adventures in using open source tools to update his personal blog (Part One is here). As he notes, “I just didn’t have the time to keep it up to date manually with Dreamweaver, Fookes Software’s NoteTab, and Nvu.”

He tried initially to install Drupal on Kubuntu, but the distribution simply didn’t have the server-side chops to do it right. Thus in this piece, he moves forward on OpenSUSE. This goes much better. With some battles over finding compatible versions of Drupal, MySQL, Apache and PHP, he finally gets things going. A good collection of steps to follow when making this leap, with links to the appropriate help files.

(BTW, this is my first post using the Performancing for Firefox plug-in, and with some good fortune this will go to both versions of “Notes.” Thanks to kOoLiNuS for the tip!)


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