Try the Linux Distribution Chooser

Now this is pretty cool. Want to try Linux, but deeply confused over the array of available distributions? The Norwegian company, zegenie Studios can help. Check out the Linux Distribution Chooser, which uses a Javascript to ask you a series of questions about your computer, skill level, desktop preference, and several other needs. It then matches your answers to its fairly good list of major distributions. The whole process just takes a few minutes with a fast connection. I did it in 5 minutes.

Not too surprisingly, the LDC matched me up with SUSE, OpenSUSE, and Mandriva, so it worked for me (and maybe I’ll get around to trying Mandriva). The reason for the two SUSE options is the cost: The last question asked is approximately “Does it have to be free of charge?”

Obviously, this is at best one data point if you’re selecting a distribution for your multinational business, but it’s terrific for an individual or a small business that’s thinking of making the switch. It’s also useful if you’ve ever wondered whether you picked the right distro. And it’s almost fun as a quiz!


One thought on “Try the Linux Distribution Chooser

  1. curiosely enough the Linux Distro chooser said to me I should stick with SUSE, Mandriva and eventually Ubuntu …. which is my “triad” since two years ago 😀

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