OpenSUSE: 750,000 installs!

On Thursday, Novell announced that they had passed the 750,000 verified install mark for the OpenSUSE Project. Read the press release from LinuxWorld:

Novell openSUSE Linux Project Community Grows Dramatically

While I wonder whether this total is pumped up by the four beta releases plus the final release of SUSE 10, plus the two 10.1 alphas so far, I’m still thinking this is a significant number. And if you’re wondering whether the PR guys are confusing downloads with installs, you’re probably not one of those installs! The YaST install tool has always noted the source of the original install (be it from CD, LAN, Internet mirror, or whatever); so I can certainly see how Novell can track installs — even without a cash transfer.

Now if only one percent of those folks gets a copy of Unleashed, I’m a happy man!